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Living the Dream

Believing in the power of lifting up your visions to the Universe, the planets moved and I was able to retire from my job as a middle school librarian and come home to be a full time writer. The joy of seeing a goal become real, well there are no words to describe it. This is my new work area. I can be there early morning, late night, snow or ice no problem.


My new co-worker is my puppy Bella. She listens when I plot a story, agrees I am a brilliant writer, and rewards me with licks and snuggles.

I am finally living my dream. And it feels great. Check out my books. I am writing every day and hope to have a least four more out before the end of the year.


Mark Your Calendar August 25th


Excellent Food, Music by Patsy Wellman

Downtown Fayette, Iowa
Main & State Street

Pre-Ordered Tickets: $15       At-the-Door – $20
Tickets include the following:
Four compartment wine bag
Wine glass
$5.00 Food coupon
10 Wine and Beer Tasting Coupons

4 Wineries, 4 Breweries, and an expert in making home-made wine
have been asked to participate

Food Provided by:

DT’s Pub
Tap’t Out Stein and Dine









Free E-Books


















All three of my novellas-“When Dreams Change”, “The Trouble With Angels” and “Home Before Dark- are available for free at midnight Friday through Sunday at:

Please download and enjoy.  Paperback copies are also available for purchase.

Reviews and likes are welcome.

Meet & Greet Lady Antebellim

Meet & Greet Lady Antebellum

Like most writer I listen to music when I write.  One of my favorite groups is Lady Antebellum.  They write beautiful love songs, I write romance novels. Kind of a match made in heaven. 

When their concert was schedule in Des Moines I wanted tickets. I went to their website, joined the fan club and got pretty good seats.  Not great, but good to listen to the music.  Up popped a sign-up for a “Meet & Greet.”  What the hell, I would love to meet them, I never win any of these, but being always hopefully I put my name in the pot. On a particular unpleasant day I receive in my email-“You’ve Been Selected to Attend a Lady Antebellum Meet & Greet!”.  OMG!

Since I am first a writer, the fan of Lady A stuffed and autographed copy of the Writers of the Lake first book in her purse.  Off I went to get shuffled from one line to another, but I didn’t mind.  This was an experience of a lifetime.  My turn came for the photo opt, I handed them the book and babbled about how I write to their music, and yada, yada.  They were so gracious and kind I was blown away.

So here’s the picture of me (the short one in the middle) and the fabulous and ‘I will be a fan until I die” Charles, Hilary and Dave. Notice our book in her hand.



Leah Goodlove


So I have already made it through the first two stories in the new book! WOW! I definitely think the 2 chili peppers was deserved and I loved that you took it up a notch! Sid and Carmy – LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a dynamic duo! They played extremely well off of each other and what personalities! They fit perfectly into the story! As for Mark and Paige, I want to be in that relationship! Lol so glamorous! It was a beautiful escape and I am so proud of you! I can’t wait to read the third story and the next book!

When Dreams Change


“You stupid-cheating-mother-f@#king-son-of-a-bitch!”
The heavy stoneware plate hurled from Jessica’s hand headed towards her husband.
Sweat lingered over her eyebrows running in her sea green eyes. So infuriated she didn’t even pause to wipe it away.
Charles, a middle-aged, non-athletic nerd, jutted to his right at the last second as it hit the wall behind his head shattering into pieces.
Raising his hands out in front of him to block her onslaught, his wire-rimmed glasses twisted on his nose. “Damn it, Jessica. Buying the café was a mistake. I just can’t stay here and work all the time. I feel stifled.”
Her words came at him in a blaze of pure rage. “What the hell do you mean, mistake? We sold everything we owned to get the money to buy this café.”
“Well I just don’t think this business venture is going to work.” Charles still had his arms up in a defensive block.
Jessica grabbed two more plates, angrily releasing one. “What do you mean it’s not going to work?” Charles dodged the first plate.
Her tone of voice seethed with white fury. “What’s the real reason, Charles?”

The second one soared at high speed.  It nicked his forehead, just above his eye. Blood oozed from a cut.
“Okay!  I want someone else. Bambi and I want to have a life together.” He held his hand over the wound. “Enough! I’m leaving. It’s all yours, honey. Do whatever the hell you want. I’m done, finished, out-of here.”
With another plate in her hand, Jessica watched as Charles twisted around and did a hasty escape out of the door.  Blonde Bambi was waiting for him outside. Dragging his little sex kitten behind him, Charles exited indubitably out of her life.